Mail that rocks!

april 11, 2007

I won limedragons anniversary contest in march, and the parcel arrived today!


That looks way to big for just one skein of yarn? Let’s take a look at the contents!


The socks that rockyarn is perfect, I’ll show you why in a moment. There is an issue of Interweave knits I planned on buying, some wool/soy-yarn in a great colorway, nice cards, post-its, dark chocolate and a sheep clip. I love all of it, thanks limedragon!

My Lady Eleanor was next to me when I took the pictures above, and  all of a sudden I realised that the socks will match my Lady perfectly, see:


Something else arrived late yesterday, and this was a more dreaded arrival!


What can it be? Some kind of wool it seems…

It sure is.


This is going to magically painfully transform into this bunad for my daughter.

I have mixed emotions about this, since embroidery isn’t my favourite craft and this is a big project. But I guess with a little help from my mother(she has made several of them already) and lots and lots of audio books I’ll get through it. Probably not this year or next, my goal is to have it completed the year my daughter turns 20(she is 15 this fall).